Invitation to the ICF Summer Special Workshop:
How the choice of coaching authentically makes you a better coach.

In our role as coaches we are invited to live up to numerous coaching skills and competences of whatever we think is “an ideal coach”. We often suspect that we don’t live up to them all or we look at how other coaches do their job. But what works for some might not work for others. In our quest of defining us as a coach, we tend to overlook what we have in ourselves that can be mobilised in a coaching context. What are our personal assets that can not only be deployed but also make us unique as a coach and create authenticity? On the other hand, what unconscious choices do we make in order to undermine it?

Authenticity is integral to the relationship with those who we coach. Without it, there can be no real connection in order to build the trust that is required in a coaching relationship. The central question is: what can help us be our authentic self in coaching and how will that make us a better coach?

In this four-hour experiential workshop aimed at coaches, the participants will

– learn about coaching authentically and the potential of it
– start to understand their own authenticity and its impact
– understand how to create authenticity as a coach

Workshop leaders:

Idaira Machargo from Barcelona is a certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), facilitator and trainer focused on talent development. She developed her professional career working internationally in sales and marketing roles, leading multi-cultural teams and being responsible for their growth and development.

Inke Schulze-Seeger is business, personal coach and author. She is also ICF-Chapter host here in Berlin and worked in international advertising and brand management for many years. She is owner of Rocket Identity Coaching, a Berlin based company specialising in personal and leadership branding as well as in career and leadership coaching. Inke Schulze-Seeger is currently launching her own coach training programme in co-operation with the Bridgehouse Academy.

Currently both Idaira Machargo and Inke Schulze-Seeger are jointly participating in the internationally renowned Co-Active Leader Program.

Hinweis: Der Workshop wird auf Englisch stattfinden (es ist keine simultane Übersetzung vorgesehen.)

Die Teilnahme an diesem Abend kostet für ICF-Mitglieder 10 €, für Nicht-ICF-Mitglieder 25 €. Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung direkt hier über ICF Berlin.